Despite Hungary’s plans for a new public media law and an austerity drive, the sweeteners Hungary offers international producers are intact: its 20% tax rebate program (with additional benefits worth up to an extra 5% ) remains in force.

Local studio and production shingles are still strong with a steady flow of movie and TV projects through facilities that include the Korda studios outside Budapest, Raleigh and Stern in town, former state studios Mafilm and newcomer Astrafilm Studio.

Respected production companies include Mid Atlantic, currently providing services to Brad Pitt starrer “World War Z,” and Flashback, seen by local bizzers as a top shingle. Pioneer, Laokoon Film and Filmpartners are also highly rated.

Post facilities at Raleigh Studio’s FotoKem and also Budapest’s Colorfront, which won a science and engineering Oscar in 2010 for its color grading system in Autodesk’s Lustre, as well as Fox, Gyar, and Digital Apes, are top tips by industry insiders.

Crew depth remains good with local producers confident that as many as three major productions can be handled at any one time; first stop for international producer remains national film promo body Magyar Filmunio, which has been incorporated into the new NFF.

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