The Collective and BloodyDisgusting.com have acquired North American rights to “Hellacious Acres: The Case of John Glass” for theatrical, VOD and DVD release as part of their Bloody Disgusting Selects film series.

Theatrical release will take place late this year as part of their partnership with AMC Theaters.

Montreal-based director Pat Tremblay wrote, directed and played the titular character in “Hellacious” along with editing, co-scoring and creating most of the visual effects. Cast includes Navin Pratap, Jamie Abrams, Paula J. Davis, Laurent Lecompte and Francis Dubois.

Story centers on a man suffering from amnesia who wakes up inside a cryogenic freezer as a robotic voice bombards him with information about World War III.

Tremblay’s most recent films “Heads of Control: The Gorul Baheu Brain Expedition” and “Truck Lover” screened as part of Montreal’s Festival du Nouveau Cinema.

“Hellacious Acres” had its North American premiere as an official selection of the Fantasia Film Festival in Montreal.