Fifty-five years after “Giant” preemed, Carroll Baker gave New York Academy members the dirt on her late co-stars James Dean, Elizabeth Taylor and Rock Hudson. The Q&A at the Lighthouse Intl. was part of the Academy’s Monday Nights With Oscar series.

“Jimmy was a wonderful actor, but he was weird,” said Baker. “He gave this appearance that he was such an outsider and then one day at Warner Bros. we saw Hedda Hopper and he got down on his knees. I was like, oh please! Who does that?

“Elizabeth was raised by MGM,” Baker continued. “She was so sentimental about everything just like the MGM movies were. Because she went to bed with five different men, she didn’t need marry them, but in MGM movies you did!”

Regarding Hudson’s Oscar-nommed turn in “Giant,” Baker wasn’t impressed. “Rock got by. I didn’t think it was a great performance.”