‘Getting’ them to show up

Cinema Society screens Fox Searchlight's 'Art'

After a weekend in which “Super 8” sat atop the box office, youth continued to reign supreme Monday at the Cinema Society’s screening of Fox Searchlight’s “The Art of Getting By.”

Helmer and scribe Gavin Wiesen went back to his New York roots to film what became a Sundance darling. In the process, he turned the city into a playground for his mostly under-25 actors. That included two scenes in a Morningside Heights bar that apparently now admits high school students, played by Freddie Highmore and Emma Roberts.

Wiesen brought his cast to the front of Landmark’s Sunshine Cinema.

“I trot them out every time we have a screening because I’m so unbelievably proud that they even showed up on the first day, to be honest,” Wiesen remarked.

The afterparty went on for more than three hours at the Thompson LES, then continued at the Bowery Hotel bar.