German funding for Schmid film

BMK film program allots movie coin

COLOGNE — German director Hans-Christian Schmid’s “That’s All” has been awarded €200,000 ($280,000) by the federal government’s BKM film program.

Drama tells the story of a family breakup over a few days in which a son visits his parents in the countryside.

In its latest allocation round, BKM allotted $2.8 million to six features, six documentaries and several screenplays.

The maximum amount of $350,000 was given to “Anonym” by Maria Speth; “Die Kleinen und die Boesen,” by Matthias Keilich; “Schuss ins Wasser,” by Simon Gross; and Detlev Buck’s “Measuring the World.” Bettina Bluemner received $210,000 for ghetto drama “Scherbenpark.”

Of the docus, the highest amount of $140,000 was given to Stefan Weinert for an account of Eastern German refugees shot by soldiers as they tried to escape to the West over the Berlin Wall.