LONDON — Roman Polanski is to be honored with a lifetime achievement award in his native Poland next month when the Gydnia Film Festival bestows its Platinum Lion on him.

Veteran director Tadeusz Konwicki will receive the same honor at the fest, Poland’s annual national movie showcase that unspools in the Baltic Sea resort near Gdansk from June 6-11.

Polanski, who last year avoided extradition from Switzerland to the U.S. on charges of unlawful sex with a 13-year-old girl in 1977, after Swiss authorities dropped the case, is popular in his homeland.

Revered as a Polish filmmaker, Polanski left communist Poland shortly after his feature debut, “Knife in the Water,” in 1962.

Helmer won an Oscar for best director in 2002 for wartime story “The Pianist.”

Konwicki, born 1926, is a writer-turned-director who made seven films between 1958 and 1989 “all different from ordinary Polish cinematography and, in some cases, discovering new paths for it,” fest organisers said.

Two juries will judge competition films at the fest’s 36th edition. Best Polish film will be chosen by the nine-member international jury led by helmer-scribe Pawel Pawlikowski, who lives in Oxford, England.

Student films will be judged by a jury headed by helmer-scribe Paula Markovitch (“Lake Tahoe,” “El Premio”).