PARIS — The French Senate has passed a bill to cap revenues of the CNC, the state film and TV agency, at Euros 700 million ($938 million), and divert the excess into the state budget.

The CNC’s rev streams from taxes on film tickets, TV channels, VOD, mobile, Internet, DVDs and other film-related products, which serve to fund the biz, will each have an individual cap.

Excess from taxes on Internet service providers will be used to finance the National Music Center (NCM), which is set to launch next year.

The measure provoked uproar in the French film and TV biz when it was passed last month by the National Assembly (a href=”http://www.variety.com/article/VR1118044920″ target=”_new”>Variety, Oct. 24, 2011/a>).

Industry players and unions lobbied so energetically against the bill that the government suggested an amendment that restricted the cap to revenue from taxes on TV services, but the Senate rejected that.

The measure could yet be overturned, however, by a bipartisan commission, made up of politicians from both chambers, which will seek a more consensual approach.