Fest without rest

AFI unspools 'Corolanus,' 'Law of Desire,' 'Artist' ...

That Chinese carpet at Grauman’s got a workout last week at the AFI Fest.

On Nov. 7, the Weinstein Co.’s “Coriolanus” shared the spotlight with a revival of Pedro Almodovar’s 1987 pic “Law of Desire.”

On the Bard pic, Ralph Fiennes admitted being tense in his scenes with Gerard Butler. “He’s very strong. I had to get to grips with him physically. I was a little intimidated for sure.”

“Law of Desire” star Antonio Banderas held a mini press conference on the carpet. When a reporter asked if there was anything the world didn’t know about the Spanish helmer, Banderas joked, “He’s a woman. Everybody knows already.”

That same night, over at the Egyptian, Magnolia’s “I Melt With You” brought out the whole gang, including Thomas Jane, Rob Lowe, Carla Gugino, Sasha Grey and Jeremy Piven.

At the Hotel Roosevelt afterparty, Piven described the indie shoot about a debauched reunion, helmed by Mark Pellington, as “guerrilla-style filmmaking. We were all in it together, huddled on the floor and eating off of paper plates. I had as good of time as you could have being totally gutted.”

The following night, Jean Dujardin got into the Hollywood spirit by striking a few silent movie star poses for the cameras, while his “The Artist” co-star Berenice Bejo looked on in front of the Chinese.

Director Michel Hazanavicius doubted the Weinstein Co. release would bring back B&W silents. But he remains a fan. “I really love that era because it is really telegenic,” he said. “Putting the action in Hollywood gives the movie a big star, because Hollywood is a big star. I thought it would (make it) more international and more sexy.”