Falcom nabs ‘Geronimo,’ ’21 and Over’

Pics to be released in German-lingo territories in 2012

BERLIN — Berlin-based Falcom Media has picked up the rights to two U.S. films, John Stockwell’s actioner about Osama Bin Laden’s killing, and the “Hangover”-style comedy “21 and Over.”

Stockwell (“Into the Blue”) is working on “Code Name: Geronimo — Killing Bin Laden.” Voltage Pictures is producing the film, which tells the story of how the most wanted man was hunted down and killed.

Geronimo was the code name for the operation that sent two teams of Navy Seals into Pakistan to hunt and kill Osama bin Laden. The film is expected to be finished in 2012.

Written and directed by Jon Lucas and Scott Moore, the authors of the first “Hangover” film, “21 and Over” features Miles Teller (“Footloose”), Skylar Astin (“Taking Woodstock”) and Justin Chon (“The Twilight Saga”).

The FilmNation and Relativity Media title, which centers on a promising medical student on the eve of an important exam who goes out with two buddies to celebrate his 21st birthday, will be released next year.

Falcom Media, headed by Andreas Fallscheer, plans to release both films in German-speaking territories in 2012.