‘Every Day’ event

Levine family drama preems in L.A.


Jan. 11 was family night for the preem of Image Entertainment’s “Every Day” at the Landmark.

The film, a first-time feature writing and directing effort from Richard Levine, follows a father (Liev Schreiber) dealing with a newly out-of-the-closet teen son (Ezra Miller), a sick father-in-law (Brian Dennehy) and a relationship with his wife (Helen Hunt) that’s suffering from all the stress. Filming was far from stress-free, since “Every Day” was shot in only 25 days.

“It was climbing a mountain,” Levine joked. “Thirty years of meditating helped.”

Playing parents wasn’t new for Hunt and Schreiber, who are both real-life ‘rents, but neither knew what parenting a teen would be like. Schreiber summed it up: “Toddlers are hard on your spine, teenagers are hard on your psyche.”

Hunt was more taken with the idea — perhaps almost too taken. “I just wanted to adopt Ezra; that was the problem,” she said.