LONDON — Europa Distribution, which reps 110 indie distribs in Europe, tapped Annemie Degryse and Jakub Duszynski as co-prexies Tuesday at the org’s general assembly in Paris.

Degryse, who is head of production at Belgium’s Lumiere, and Duszynski, a topper at Gutek Film in Poland, will lead the org for the next three years.

In a further move, Europa Distribution tapped Romanian filmmaker Cristian Mungiu as honory prexy.

In a statement, Mungiu said that the org must continue its fight to preserve diversity in the film biz. “Cinema was invented not only to make us feel better Friday after work, but also to help us see the truth, understand ourselves and to perceive the reality around us,” he said.

“Nevertheless, diversity is not granted, it is something to fight for. We have to defend it. Unless we all make a sustained effort to keep it alive, it could perish. Personal cinema, auteur cinema, might soon have to be declared an endangered species.”