PARIS — The European Parliament has passed a resolution to press public subsidy orgs to help fund the digitization of European cinema’s production and distribution chain.

The text specifically aims at supporting small independent cinemas to keep up with the digital revolution.

“The costs of digitization are acceptable for the multiplexes, but small independent cinema owners cannot afford them. Yet it is precisely these small cinemas that are important for cultural diversity,” said the Parliament’s culture and education committee chair Doris Pack.

The European Parliament is also calling for the European Union’s Structural Funds — dedicated to support economic and social development in Europe — and the MEDIA Program to step up their investments.

“The key challenge facing European cinema today is to boost audiences at small independent cinemas in small towns and rural areas, which are particularly vulnerable financially and should be helped to keep up with technological progress,” stated the European Parliament in a release.

The resolution finally stresses the importance of funding digital archiving to allow for the preservation of the national and European film heritage.

The next step will be for the European Commission to pass an legislative measure, said a spokesperson.