Fiery torches lit the way for the U. K. preem of Roman epic “The Eagle,” hosted at Leicester Square’s most apt venue, the Empire.

Channing Tatum and Jamie Bell, the Universal pic’s master and slave duo, gave no hint of a power struggle, as the 2nd Century co-stars hugged it out on the red carpet Mar. 9. Bell claimed it was easy to be a slave to Tatum, which by the sound of the screaming crowds, seemed the general consensus.

Helmer Kevin Macdonald worked the red carpet with producer Duncan Kenworthy, who joked, “It’s like this $25 million commercial for the highlands,” concluding, “You can’t fake Scotland!”

Braving the Scottish elements proved most challenging for Tatum, who was left wondering if he could insure certain body parts, following a pretty traumatic injury to his manhood during lensing.

For Tatum, it was all in the name of history, though, “I actually learned a lot on this movie. I doubt I’m a historian, but I wish I could say that!”