Tenpercenteries Don Buchwald and Associates and Fortitude are merging, effective immediately, to become Don Buchwald and Associates/Fortitude.

Fortitude founders Ben Press and Michael McConnell and Julia Buchwald will manage and co-head the new agency. Clients of the newly formed agency include Howard Stern, Angela Lansbury, Crispin Glover and Romeo Miller.

Press said that Fortitude was not seeking a merger but that the opportunity to merge with an organization that is so respected in the biz was hard to pass up.

“We have had a lot of knocks on our door in the past couple years,” Press said. “Given Buchwald’s extraordinary track record and our relationship with Julia, we saw this as an opportunity we both could benefit from.”

McConnell said the merger will add a New York office that Fortitude didn’t have before, and create new opportunities for its clients.

While the merged entity will still be boutique-sized, Press said the union creates a bigger presence.

“We were a competitor before we merged,” he said. “We were signing away clients from some of the major players, and this move helps us to muscle up more.”

Fortitude will move into DBA’s Los Angeles offices, which are located at 6500 Wilshire Blvd.