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DC Comics has acquired global publishing rights to Las Vegas-based antihero the Tyrant and plans to develop a comicbook and other multimedia properties based on the protag of Jon Land’s bestselling novel “The Seven Sins: The Tyrant Ascending.”

DC made the publishing deal with King Midas World Entertainment in the midst of a recent makeover, having just announced that it will relaunch its entire comics line with 52 first issues. The Tyrant — real name Michael Tiranno — was raised in the Sicilian countryside by a Mafia crime lord after his parents were brutally murdered. He eventually moves to Vegas, where he harnesses the power of his father’s mysterious medallion to build an empire, beginning with the Seven Sins casino resort.

Producer Moritz Borman and exec producer Peter Graves optioned feature film rights in late 2008, and Christopher Kyle adapted a script in early 2010.

Fabrizio Boccardi, founder of King Midas World Entertainment, envisions the Tyrant as the central figure in a franchise that would include feature films and, in the longer term, an actual Seven Sins casino.

“We’ve been talking to DC since 2009 and they were very pleased with the book,” Boccardi told Variety. “They’ve been through a lot of changes on the management level that delayed the negotiations, but we finally reached an agreement three weeks ago that we’re very excited about.”

Boccardi told Variety that the script is out to “top filmmakers” but declined to name names. “We conceived the character as the Batman of Las Vegas,” he said. “Honestly, I want to build a franchise. I know it’s not an easy task but I’d like to create something that can endure longer than just three movies.”

DC Comics has yet to create any concept images, though Boccardi said he hopes that will happen by the end of next year.