Cutting Edge Films has invested in the upcoming features “Parker” and “Looper” by providing investment in music budgets and music supervision for the films.

Three-year-old Cutting Edge has provided advance funding for more than 140 films, notably “The King’s Speech.”

“Parker” just wrapped and stars Jason Statham and Jennifer Lopez, and is directed by Taylor Hackford. CEG’s investment was done with Incentive Filmed Entertainment, which is funding the film along with Current Entertainment and Sidney Kimmel Entertainment.

“Looper,” directed by Rian Johnson from his own screenplay, is funded by Endgame Entertainment and stars Joseph Gordon Levitt and Bruce Willis.

“These deals all involve films with big casts and noted filmmakers that play on the international level, which is our sweet spot,” said CEG chief exec Philip Moross.

CEG’s business model involves advancing funding for a film’s music budget (including scoring, clearances and music supervision) as well as in-kind services. It then recoups its investment via soundtrack and sheet music sales, plus, licensing and royalties from international ticket sales and TV deals.

Cutting Edge announced in May at Cannes that it had invested in romantic comedy “Lola Versus” and Nicolas Winding Refn’s actioner “Drive,” starring Ryan Gosling, Carey Mulligan and Christina Hendricks.

In 2008, Cutting Edge received an initial investment of $15 million from investor Aberdeen Asset Management, and set up its first multipicture deal with Joel Silver’s Dark Castle Entertainment in 2009.