While the cast and helmer of “Henry’s Crime” took their time to arrive at the Trilby afterparty at the Cooper Square Hotel on Monday, producer Jordan Schur explained that having Keanu Reeves from the get-go and a sensible attitude helped secure the star cast.

“Henry’s Crime,” hatched by Reeves and his Company Films partner Stephen Hamel, was co-financed and produced by Mimran Schur, a shingle devoted to mid-range budgeted pics.

“What you have to be, first off, is very reasonable, which is another word for generous when it comes to making a backend deal that really is genuinely significant and relevant,” Schur said.

Reeves and helmer Malcolm Venville posed for photos with co-star Vera Farmiga (James Caan, the other topliner, had split after Gotham’s Landmark Sunshine theater unspooling at the Cinema Society preem) and then chatted up guest Courtney Love at the jam-packed venue.