LONDON — Caroline Norbury has been named as chief exec of Creative England, the new funding body for filmmaking in the English regions outside London.

She was previously CEO of South West Screen, and has served as interim establishment director of Creative England since June.

From October, Creative England will take over the task of providing lottery coin to filmmakers outside London from the old network of eight regional screen agencies, including South West Screen, EM Media and Screen Yorkshire.

These agencies have played a significant role in funding British films and nurturing new filmmakers since they were founded a decade ago

In its first year, Creative England will receive core funding of £4.5 million ($7.2 million) from the British Film Institute, including $3.2 million in lottery coin and $4 million in government grant.

Along with its initial responsibility for supporting regional filmmakers, its mandate will also expand to include TV, games, digital and creative services.

Our first big job is to make sure there is a seamless transfer of film provision for England’s rich and varied industry outside of London, and to get Creative England staff in place to deliver that service,” Norbury said.

Some of the old regional screen agencies, such as Northern Film and Media, will continue to operate with other sources of public and private funding, whereas others are planning to wind down their activities and transfer all their functions to Creative England.