Just 24 hours after the D.C. premiere of “The Conspirator,” helmer Robert Redford and his cast were in Gotham for more festivities. Following Monday’s screening at MoMA, revelers gathered at the Royalton Hotel to celebrate the American Film Co.’s debut pic, based on events surrounding Lincoln’s assassination. The large preem crowd, which included Mario Cuomo, created a sauna-like environment, causing many partygoers to head for the door.

In spite of the heat, pic’s James McAvoy waited patiently for Redford’s fashionably late arrival. “Not only is a very good, famous actor directing you, but you are also working with a proper movie star,” McAvoy said of his helmer. “When you watch him onscreen, as a viewer you go, ‘Wow! That man could be fucking picking his nose and it would be magnetically powerful!’ That’s not the kind of actor I ever really felt that I am, so it was quite an intimidating role to take on.”

— Addie Morfoot