Buoyed by 3D hits led by “Toy Story 3D,” total 2010 box office in Colombia leaped 30% to $136.5 million vs. $104.8 million the previous year, according to local B.O. research company Cadbox.

Admissions were up 24% to nearly 34 million in 2010.

3D blockbusters dominated the top 10 pics of the year with 19 3D pics representing nearly 10% of all releases and 35.6% of total admissions in 2010.

The country has just 577 screens, of which 132 are digital 3D. Leading indie exhib/distrib Cine Colombia runs 80 of them.

The top three overall earners last year were family-targeted 3D tentpoles “Toy Story 3” ($10.3 million), “Avatar” ($10.2 million) and “Alice in Wonderland” ($7 million).

Local pics’ share of the admissions boom remained at 4.5%, but Cine Colombia’s Christmas Day release of helmer Harold Trompetero’s family road trip movie “El Paseo” (The Trip) is expected to push it upward in 2011.

In the last week of the year, “El Paseo” earned $895,000 (312,000 admissions). “We’re expecting it might even surpass the all-time local hit ‘Sonar no cuesta nada’ (A Ton of Luck) in 2006, which grossed $4.7 million (1.2 million admissions),” Pia Barragan of Cine Colombia said.

“Paraiso Travel,” which grossed $3.7 million (931,000 admissions) in 2008, nudged the local share of total admissions to 10.6% that year. It shrunk to 4.5% the past two years when there were no breakout hits.