Gaul’s national film and TV board, CNC, has confirmed the creation of a new fund to support world cinema that will become active next year.

World Cinema Aid will replace the Fonds Sud and Aid to Foreign Language Films funds and will have an annual budget of more than €6 million ($8 million), twice as much as Fonds Sud and AFLE’s combined budgets.

This fund, which has yet to be greenlit by the European Commission, will be managed and co-financed by the CNC, along with the Fonds Sud and the French Ministry for Foreign Affairs via cultural body the French Institute.

“This budget increase could allow us to help finance 50-60 projects per year compared to about 10 as of today,” said CNC prexy Eric Garandeau while attending the Amiens Film Festival.

Garandeau said the fund’s primary goal is to support filmmakers in countries where it’s difficult to make movies for economic or political reasons. As such, the CNC will give particular attention to projects from Sub-Saharan Africa, among other developing regions.

The CNC chief also said the fund will prioritize first and second features to help young filmmakers.

“In 2010, Gaul co-produced 228 films with 36 foreign countries — a 30% increase on 2009 — and 2011 confirms our vitality,” said Garandeau. “Many of this year’s Oscar contenders in the foreign-language category are the fruits of France’s collaboration with its foreign partners in Morocco, Libya, Georgia, Finland, Germany, Italy and Romania.”