BEIJING — China’s film biz continues to break records despite signs of a slowing economy, with B.O. totaling 12 billion yuan ($1.89 billion) so far this year.

The total gross for the year looks on track to sweep past the $2 billion level as there are still some big movies set to open during the increasingly important Christmas season. Many senior players in the biz have said they expect the figure to top $2.05 billion this year, but it could be even more.

Total B.O. last year was $1.62 billion.

Theaters continued to open at an astounding rate this year, with eight new screens added a day. There are now more than 9,000 screens in China, up from 6,200 screens last year.

There were more than 500 films made in China, although senior biz figures in the country regularly express fears that local movies are not doing well enough to hold their own against fierce competish from Hollywood, despite quotas on overseas pics and various other hurdles facing foreign movies.

But the State Administration of Radio, Film and TV is pleased with the overall picture. “These results show that the Chinese film business is full of vigor and vitality,” it said in a statement.