The Epilepsy Foundation’s annual Care and Cure dinner on June 15 honored CAA’s Bryan Lourd, which was reason enough for Columbia Pictures’ Andrew Gumpert to note, as he introduced doctors with epilepsy fellowships, “they all started in the CAA mail room.”

In introing the night’s honoree at the BevWilshire, Amy Pascal joked about those famous Lourd parties: “OK, he invites you to his house. It’s the party to end all parties. The setting is beautiful, fabulous people, lots of laughs, the wine and liquor flow like a waterfall. But there’s one problem: There’s never any food! … and as people stand there in the valet line after, waiting and waiting, what are they talking about? They’re talking about how they’re going to stop at In-N-Out Burger on the way home because they’re so starving.”

Lourd recalled his journey to being an EF honoree: “Todd Black was actually the front man who came to my office and pretended he had a problem and said, ‘Let me talk to you.’ And when he came in he had fucking pictures and information and the funding that’s not available for doctors, and I was like, ‘I thought this was about a script — I know how to do that!’ I was a dead man. Didn’t have a chance.”