By George, they’re serious

Silverman, Schwartz out for 'Peep' preem

With just a couple of weeks until IFC Films’ “Peep World” opens in theaters, stars Sarah Silverman and Ben Schwartz were working on their sales pitch Friday at a screening hosted by the Friars Club.

“It follows Michael C. Hall, Rainn Wilson and Sarah Silverman, who is a wonderful actress and very funny,” said Schwartz.

“And very patient, and not at all hungry or having to pee,” Silverman interrupted.

The Friars Club locale begged the question: Who would the duo most want to roast?

“Probably George Washington, right?” Schwartz asked.

Silverman agreed, noting the first president’s “cheesy hair.” Yet Schwartz wanted to add a twist — Paul Giamatti of “John Adams” would have to play his predecessor as well.