Bullets over MoMA

Relativity's 'Preacher' preems in Gotham

Blessings and bullets filled the air at the Tuesday preem of Relativity’s “Machine Gun Preacher” in Gotham.

“Some fights can be avoided by praying to God. The others, sometimes, require guns and rocket launchers,” said Sam Childers, the inspiring sinner-turned-saint whose mind-blowing experiences serve as the film’s backbone.

Childers, who referred to himself as the first hillbilly allowed inside the MoMA theater, isn’t the only one unafraid to grab a weapon in times of trouble.

“I’m definitely a machine gun kind of guy,” said the film’s star, Gerard Butler. “I’m not a big fan of talking. Things usually don’t get done that way.”

Childers’ story of redemption, which includes rescuing hundreds of children caught in the crossfire of an ongoing war in the Sudan, caused Butler’s co-star Michelle Monaghan and the film’s writer, Jason Keller, to wipe back tears on their way to the afterparty at the Royalton.

“I may not look for guns on the black market, but I will do whatever I can to raise awareness for those children in a peaceful way,” Keller said. “Call it the Gandhi approach.”