Cean Chaffin, Scott Rudin, Ole Sondberg, Soren Staermose

“David (Fincher) and I were given the book in March of 2010. We had the weekend to decide if we wanted to do it or not with a December 2011 release deadline,” Chaffin says. “We were in post on ‘The Social Network,’ and at some moment when we had a lot of energy, we were like, ‘Yeah. Great. We can make this work.’ We didn’t quite realize what a big endeavor it was with that deadline.”

“We get that figured out and out of the way pretty quickly,” Chaffin says, referring to Fincher’s team.

“The one surprising factor was bringing a project this big to Sweden. It’s a country that is a social democracy with very different work rules,” she says. “The weather is also a big factor. You either only have 1 1/2 hours of darkness or six hours of daylight. We came to L.A. for winter and then we went back to Sweden once spring hit. But even in spring we still had night shooting to do; one night we literally had an hour and 26 minutes to get a night shot. So it’s a tricky place to schedule. Worth it, but tricky.”

“I believe Daniel (Craig) was first to be cast. He was extremely gung-ho. Then right after Daniel, Stellan (Skarsgard) came on. Casting was a fun process. We knew we could have a cast filled with all kinds of actors. The fact that we could cast internationally was also exciting.”