Salma Hayek and Antonio Banderas showed London their dance moves on Thursday, at the U.K. opening meow of Paramount’s “Puss in Boots.”

The feline duo prowled the ginger carpet alongside helmer Chris Miller and producer Latifa Ouaou outside Leicester Square’s Empire.

Multi-tasking helmer and voice of three of the pic’s characters, Miller joked that he was trying to perfect a personality disorder by directing himself. “I’ve had one for years,” he quipped.

In a fight between Hayek’s on-screen Kitty Softpaws and Gotham City’s Catwoman, who would triumph? Hayek was confident, “Kitty Softpaws. She can jump higher. I love Halle Berry, but I’d kick her butt!”

The competitive mood continued with a dance-off between Banderas and Hayek. With dancing rhythm, the actress wasn’t prepared to back her own litter tray, proclaiming, “Unless it’s salsa, Antonio.”

She went on to demonstrate a few steps before finally continuing her dance into the theater.