Prolific Bollywood producer Yash Raj Films has opened an outpost in Hollywood called YRF Entertainment.

Uday Chopra, son of Yash Chopra and brother of Aditya (“Dilwale dulhaniya le jayenge”), will head the company, and Jonathan Reiman will head up development and production.

The Los Angeles-based shingle will produce and finance English-language pics for the U.S. and overseas market.

“My family has a deep commitment to making and distributing quality films that entertain and enlighten audiences,” Uday Chopra said. “I share that passion, as well as a love for American films that I have had since childhood. It is that enthusiasm and my love of the creative process of filmmaking that drove me to start this new venture.”

First up on the docket is Jason Bateman starrer “The Longest Week.” Written and directed by Peter Glanz, pic also stars Olivia Wilde and Billy Crudup.

After the original financier dropped the pic, Chopra met with Glanz and producer Neda Armian and soon gained the rights.

“Week” centers around a man-child (Bateman) who lives with his wealthy parents until he suddenly finds himself evicted and disinherited. Wilde plays his love interest. Pic is shooting in New York.

YRF plans to set up a slate of films that it will develop from scratch, starting with an untitled action-comedy by Dan Ewen (“Opposites Attract”) about two twentysomethings who team up after running away from their hick towns.