You never know what to expect when Peter Tolan is in the house. The “Rescue Me” co-creator/exec producer was feeling sorry for the scribes who were forced to camp out for two weeks at the Beverly Hilton to cover the Television Critics Assn. summer press tour — with the added torture of having to screen innumerable pilots. So to liven things up on Saturday, the third-to-last day of the tour, Tolan dropped his pants during the sesh on FX’s “Rescue Me.” Prior to exposing his bikini briefs to shocked onlookers, Tolan instructed: “Hey, you want to put tragedy in perspective? There’s 9/11 and then there’s the fact that you all have had to watch everything on television.”

Being an actor is a dangerous business. Just ask Rose McGowan, who stars in the “Conan the Barbarian” reboot that opens Aug. 19. It’s her first film in years, despite the fact that at Comic-Con 2008 she was touted as the star of Simon West’s planned 2009 return to the “Red Sonja” tale. That one went by the wayside when McGowan trashed herself on the set of “Planet Terror.”

“Look at my elbow,” she said at the L.A. press junket for “Conan.” “I’ve had three surgeries on it and have had part of it taken out. That was from a stunt gone wrong, where I did a handspring backwards. So, during the course of that year it became basically paralyzed except for half of two of my fingers. After three surgeries with massive nerve damage and the bone being taken out and a year of rehab, they’re like, ‘You could go do a sword movie, but we can’t do anything more with your arm if you hurt it.’ As dope as it would’ve been, I would really rather not go through life with one arm that’s paralyzed and in constant pain.”

And that’s not even the end of it. When McGowan was finally ready to return to the job, she got injured yet again. She made it through “Conan” unscathed, but not for long.

“I have two torn ligaments in my ankle from ‘Rosewood Lane,’ the Victor Salva movie I just did. I have a rotator cuff tear from a movie that I did in Romania. A torn back from a movie that I did about the IRA in Belfast.My right leg is the only uninjured part. Then the other day, well, six weeks ago, I put my hand through a window by accident and hit an artery. I’m a hot mess.”

But apparently McGowan just can’t help herself. She’s scheduled to star in Clark Johnson’s film “Fortune” and is rumored to be the lead in Killer Films’ planned adaptation of “The Bell Jar.” But the 37-year-old thesp said she may decide to protect herself from the dangers of moviemaking at some point soon.

“I still want to be a forensic pathologist,” she admitted.