BAFTA/LA toasts Globes’ nominees with tea

Contenders chill out at afternoon event

Stars took a breather at BAFTA/LA’s Saturday afternoon Golden Globes tea party at the Four Seasons before hitting the evening events. Org chairman Nigel Lythgoe said guests were being feted in the traditional British way — “with fish and chips and a cup of tea.”

“The King’s Speech” helmer Tom Hooper was already in celebratory mood because his movie has taken in more at the U.K. box office in nine days than “The Queen” grabbed in its entire run. ” ‘The King’ is beating ‘The Queen,’ ” he noted with a laugh.

Harvey Weinstein finds himself torn between his two films in contention at the Globes, “The King’s Speech” and “Blue Valentine.” “All your children are beautiful — you can’t choose between them,” he said.

Andrew Garfield was there with pal Eddie Redmayne, and admitted he was “being led (between events) as if I was a blind person trusting that the person leading me doesn’t want me dead!”

Aaron Eckhart quipped coolly about the awards, saying, “Globes, what Globes?”