The very raunchy “A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas” boasts visual effects like Kal Penn’s Claymation penis jutting out at viewers, John Cho’s member stuck to a pole in a homage to “A Christmas Story,” naked nuns showering and a toddler high on cocaine and marijuana.

First-time helmer Todd Strauss-Schulson revealed that the stoned baby girl was actually triplets.

“They were 2 1/2 years old and that is apparently the worst age to be, but we wanted to be different than ‘Hangover,'” he said at Sunday’s Beverly Wilshire junket for New Line’s third installment of the series.

“They were so connected, if one would start crying it would set the others off. So we were dealing with this Hydra, these monster babies,” he continued. “We had to hire a Baby Whisperer with feathers in her hair and bellbottoms and she would train the baby, play these games and bribe her with sugar.

“When she rubs her gums, that’s brushing her teeth. Blowing ‘cocaine’ on her was blowing sugar. So the baby was kind of high all the time, a sugar-rush.”

As for Cho’s exposure, “We did have the guy in ‘Boogie Nights’ who made that penis make our Asian penis. It was rigged to a fake pole to pull off when it had to be. I think John wanted a larger penis but it seemed funnier when it was smaller.”

Mickey Rourke says he had one prayer while making Relativity’s “less than $100 million” pic “Immortals.”

“Please God, let me not be late for work or I won’t work for another 13 years.

“I have to be consistent,” the thesp continued at Saturday’s Four Seasons junket. “If you cause too many problems, no matter how good you are, you’ll be out of work. In the old days if the call was 7, I’d show up at 11. My reputation was so bad, it made Marlon Brando look like a fairy prince. When you’re out of work for 13 years, it’s a humiliating experience. What I’m fortunate about is many of the people I alienated and pissed off, they’re not working anymore, they’re all dead or nobody cares. The new breed doesn’t care what I did 20 years ago.”

As for Britain’s Henry Cavill, the “Immortals” star who’s next up as Superman, Rourke said, “It’s so nice to see a young actor doing his push-ups and jumping around. I remembered when I was a young actor. He couldn’t wait to go to work and I couldn’t wait to get off work.”

Producer Mark Canton also said nice things about Cavill. “We stood by Henry with financiers for a year when people would say, ‘Who’s Henry Cavill?’ ‘He’s from “The Tudors,” ‘ ‘He’s the GQ model.’ Then he gets the Superman job and the same people who didn’t see him before now say they love him — and they still haven’t seen him. We know we made a good choice.”

— Stephen Schaefer