Museums are getting into the digital cinema game, with “Leonardo Live,” a look at sold-out London exhibit “Leonardo da Vinci: Painter at the Court of Milan,” being prepped for a global release in February.

The documentary-cum-tour of the National Gallery’s hot-ticket exhibit joins a growing list of fine arts offerings making their way to movie screens, most prominently the work of legit and opera companies including the Metropolitan Opera and London’s National Theater. HD cinema broadcasts have proven successful not only at expanding the brands of performing arts orgs but also at attracting ticket-buying crowds of arts aficionados to special-event screenings.

Show collects seven of Leonardo’s 14 surviving paintings as well as some 60 drawings, with most of the works drawn from his tenure as court painter to Ludovico Maria Sforza in the late 15th century.

The exhibit, which runs through early February and will not travel, has proven unusually popular, with public reception likened to the Gotham frenzy stirred by the Metropolitan Museum’s Alexander McQueen exhibit earlier this year.

The 100-minute screen version of the experience is hosted by art historian Tim Marlow and Mariella Frostrup, with input from other talking heads also included.

“Leonardo Live” will be presented by BY Experience, the Gotham-based alt-content distributor also involved with the National Theater’s NT Live and the Met’s Live in HD series, with PhilGrabskyFilms.com, the cinema arm of the U.K.’s Seventh Art Prods.

Worldwide screenings in the U.S. and overseas begin Feb. 16.