Michael Apted has been tapped to serve as interim secretary-treasurer of the Directors Guild of America, filling the vacancy created by the Oct. 31 death of Gil Cates.

DGA president Taylor Hackford notified board members of the move Thursday.

“I know all of us are still struggling to accept the loss of Gil Cates — both personally and as a leader of our Guild,” Hackford said. “As you all know, Gil was integrally involved in all aspects of Guild life, not the least of which was his position as the DGA’s secretary-treasurer — an office he had held since 1997.”

“One of the most difficult duties we face is the appointment of an interim secretary-treasurer to continue conducting the regular business of the Guild until the National Board meets in January and elects a new Secretary-Treasurer. I have asked past president Michael Apted to accept this interim appointment and he has graciously agreed.”

Apted was Hackford’s predecessor as DGA president, serving for three terms from 2003-2009. He’s the chair of the DGA’s 75th anniversary advisory committee and a current board member.

Cates was elected to the DGA’s national board in 1975 and served as prexy from 1983-1987. He also chaired the negotiations committee for the past four contract talks.