AFTRA’s public voice Christopher de Haan is ankling from the performers union to join PR firm 42West in the strategic communications division.

De Haan has been the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists’ national director of communications for the past three years. He disclosed his departure Monday and said his last day will be Dec. 16. De Haan indicated that AFTRA will tap his successor soon.

AFTRA has been working on merging with the Screen Actors Guild, with a member vote expected this spring. It’s likely that de Haan, who joined AFTRA staff in 2001, will continue to work on that issue as he noted that AFTRA has been a client of 42West since 2007.

“I believe that it is an incredible opportunity for me to move my career forward in an exciting and interesting way,” he said. “Moreover, I will be working at a first-class agency that I respect and with a group of people whom I know, trust and admire.”