Affirmative Entertainment is getting into “Pornology” with Melanie Greene and Nicholas Bogner of the management-production company picking up feature rights to Ayn Carrillo Gailey’s tome.

Affirmative has re-titled the project “A Nice Girl Like You” and tapped Andrea Marcellus to adapt. Marcellus previously wrote the social satire “Entirely Unbearable” with Jason Alexander slated to direct.

The book — described as Bridget Jones meets “Bridesmaids” — is an account of good girl Harvard grad Carrillo Gailey’s explorations facing her sexual fears after being labeled “pornophobic” by her significant other. Full title is “Pornology: Noun — 1: A Good Girl’s Guide to Porn; 2: The misadventures of the world’s first anthroPORNologist; 3: A Hilarious Exploration of Men, Relationships, and Sex.”

Marcellus’ screenplay capitalizes on the humor and humanity of the original book by weaving an endearing protagonist with all-too-relatable insecurities through a hilarious series of racy misadventures,” Greene and Bogner said.

“Pornology” was published by Running Press in the U.S., Random House/Transworld in the UK, Roger Bernhard in Germany. The book has also recently been published in Taiwan, Macao and mainland China.

Affirmative’s a producer on Showtime’s “Californication” and the feature “Soccer Mom.”

Carrillo Gailey is represented by Amy Schiffman of Joel Gotler and Associates for film rights.