Adam Sandler gets ribbed

'Jack and Jill' preems in Westwood

Of all the familiar faces at Sunday’s preem of “Jack and Jill,” it was Al Pacino who seemed most eager to make time to talk.

“I’m totally crazy,” he said of his role in the Sony pic. “Maybe I should have winked a little more at the camera.”

Despite his funny work in pics like “Dick Tracy,” Pacino talked as if he were a laffer novice.

“I’m working in a medium I don’t really know — comedy — but Adam Sandler can make anybody look good,” he added. “If after this picture somebody wants to use me … if they’re nuts enough to use me …”

As for the pic’s star, director Dennis Dugan hinted that it wasn’t the first time he’d seen Sandler in drag. “We’ve made eight movies together. This was the first time I’d seen it in public,” he quipped in front of Westwood’s Village Regency Theater.

And longtime collaborators Todd Garner and Allen Covert had a good laugh at their friend’s expense. “Every day he was just, ‘I can’t believe I’m dressed like this — I want to kill everybody,'” said Garner.

Covert recalled Sandler dressing in drag for “Saturday Night Live,” and thinks he looks better now. “He looks like an older woman,” he said. “You forgive more with an older woman.”