Acting ‘Adventures’

'Tintin' preemed at Chinese during AFI fest's closing night

Paramount and Columbia’s “The Adventures of Tintin” is Steven Spielberg’s first pic to debut at AFI Film Fest, and it drew an excited crowd to the confab’s closing night on Thursday. Spielberg, however, didn’t make it to the Chinese Theater — he’s currently in Virginia shooting “Lincoln” — but he welcomed guests with a taped intro.

Later, at the Roosevelt Hotel reception, star Jamie Bell remarked that “Tintin” is his first foray into performance capture animation.

“It really needs to be considered as a serious medium,” said the thesp. “More people in the film industry need to take note that this is performance. It’s not animation, it’s not technology — it’s performance. Without the actors, the digital puppets do not move, they do not think, and they do not feel. I happen to love the medium, and it was great getting to work with Andy Serkis, whom I consider the Gandalf of performance capture.”

Earlier in the week, Fox Searchlight’s “Shame” screened at AFI. Since the Steve McQueen-helmed pic has already played the Venice and New York film fests, star Michael Fassbender said on Wednesday in front of the Chinese that he’d probably skip seeing it at yet another fest-type venue.

“I’m going to watch it again when I get back to London, on my own this time, I think, rather than in front of 2,000 people,” said the thesp.