“The Australian Viking” was how Kenneth Branagh introduced Chris Hemsworth at Thursday’s premiere for Par’s “Thor” at AMC’s 19th St. Theater.

Casting the Marvel superhero, the director said at the Cinema Society’s Standard Hotel afterparty, meant realizing Hemsworth, “most of all, was a guy who had that movie star thing. When he stands still and thinks, we look and we want to watch. In repose, while apparently doing nothing, he’s completely compelling.”

“I enjoyed the arc,” Hemsworth said of Thor’s initial arrogance, exile to Earth and redemption, “you know, taking it to one extreme and then trying to win the audience back.”

How long did it take to really feel he was the God of Thunder?

“Once you have the costume and you’re on those big beautiful sets, that’s when it all sinks in and you say, ‘Yeah, now it feels right.’ Up until that point you try to imagine it or convince everyone else that you’re the guy.”