David Schwimmer told the DGA crowd that he had to fib a little to his producer to make a serious pic like “Trust.”

“We told Avi Lerner it was an action film,” Schwimmer quipped at the Monday preem.

Lerner, however, had a retort for what drew him to the Millennium Entertainment movie. “David is known for a small TV movie called ‘Friends,’ ” he said. “It was showing in Israel — I saw it there.”

Jokes aside, Clive Owen said, because he’s a dad, he found the script about online predators “powerful and moving.”

Chris Coffey, who plays the pic’s predator, said he has to take in stride what’s considered a “good” reaction to his perf: “Playing this gave me a queasy feeling, and that’s what people tell me when they see the film.” – — Lauren Zima