It’s been three years since Dark Horse Entertainment’s last film, “Hellboy II: The Golden Army,” arrived in theaters. But the studio responsible for “The Mask” and “30 Days of Night” has no shortage of projects in development. Senior VP Keith Goldberg offered an update on their upcoming slate.

Short for “Rest in Peace Department,” director Robert Schwentke’s comicbook adaptation follows a recently slain police officer (Ryan Reynolds) who joins a group of undead cops to uncover the identity of his murderer. The Universal picture begins shooting in Boston in September, and co-stars Jeff Bridges.

Emily the Strange
The story of this iconic oddball is being developed by producer Mike Richardson. Chloe Moretz, who played “Hit Girl” in “Kick-Ass,” signed on for the lead role after meeting creator Rob Regan at last year’s Comic-Con.

“Beasts of Burden”
Based on Evan Dorkin’s comic of the same name, this animated adventure follows a group of animals that fight supernatural forces. Darren Lemke (“Shrek Forever After,” “Jack the Giant Killer”) has been tapped to write the screenplay.

Sony Pictures Animation plans to adapt Chris Grine’s graphic novel, about a rare animal — half chicken, half rabbit — trying to avoid a crazed taxidermist.

“The Strange Case of Hyde”
After enlisting Cole Haddon to write a screenplay combining the Jekyll and Hyde mythology with the story of Jack the Ripper, Dark Horse is looking for directors to bring the material to life.

Mark Verheiden (“The Mask,” “Falling Skies”) is writing this sci-fi story for Sony, about an alien ship that crashes on Earth loaded with two-by-two pairs of extraterrestrial species.

“Rex Mundi”
Johnny Depp is attached to produce and star in pic reimagining the quest for the Holy Grail as a murder mystery. “Tron: Legacy” duo Brian Klugman and Lee Sternthal are working on the script.

“3 Story”
Warner Bros. is set to distribute Dustin Lance Black’s adaptation of the comicbook about a man with a medical condition that makes him three stories tall.

Dark Horse is developing two possible updates of the jungle hero for Warner Bros. The first is being written by Adam Cozad, while “Footloose” helmer Craig Brewer is drafting a separate script with the intent of directing it himself.

The Goon
Dark Horse’s long-gestating collaboration with David Fincher is still looking for financing. Clancy Brown and Paul Giamatti are still attached to provide the voices of the Goon and his right-hand man Franky.

“Umbrella Academy”
This dark adventure follows a group of retired superheroes who reunite after the death of their mentor. While no director has been announced, Mark Bomback (“Unstoppable”) is writing.

“Criminal Macabre”
A contempo supernatural noir, not unlike “Constantine” or “Dylan Dog,” this project is in development with an unspecified new writer, but no director.

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