LONDON — Warner Bros. pulled out all the stops in Blighty in 2010, and became the highest-grossing distrib in the territory, grossing £202.6 million ($321.1 million), an 18.4% share of the B.O. market.

This marks the first time the distrib has topped the U.K. rankings in three years, powered by “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1,” which grossed £49.9 million ($79.1 million) in the year, and Christopher Nolan’s summer film “Inception,” which took £35.7 million ($56.6 million).

Other top WB titles include “Sex and the City 2,” which amassed £21.6 million ($34.2 million), “Sherlock Holmes” with £25.2 million ($39.9 million), and “Clash of the Titans,” which garnered £20.2 million ($32 million) in B.O. receipts.

Figures for the major in 2010 beat its previous highest grossing year by £51 million ($80.8 million).

The success in Blighty replicates the studio’s perf in worldwide and domestic B.O. — WB hit the top spot for both taking $4.8 billion for domestic and international results combined, and $1.88 billion in the U.S. for the year.

Twentieth Century Fox followed behind WB in Blighty, taking £172.5 million ($273.3 million) at cinemas, repping 15.7% of the market share, while Paramount came third with £161 million ($255.1 million) in B.O. receipts, 14.6% of the market.

Disney amassed £154.2 million ($244.1 million) with a 14% market share, while Universal grossed £113.8 million ($180.4 million) for a 10.3% B.O. share, and Sony’s Brit cume stood at £76.3 million ($121 million) for a 6.9% market share.

WB’s theatrical success in Blighty mirrored the studio’s perf in home entertainment, which saw Warner Bros. Home Video become Blighty’s number one studio, based on value, in the territory, repping 13.4% of the market.

Figures were calculated from Jan. 1-Dec. 31.