Tresor readies Canet, Mihaileanu pics

Both directors will make their English-lingo debut

Exclusive– Helmers Radu Mihaileanu (“The Concert”) and Guillaume Canet (“Tell No One”) will direct their English-language debuts with France’s Les Productions du Tresor.

Actor-director Gilles Lellouche’s “Populaire,” in which he stars with Nicole Garcia and Romain Duris, are also on Tresor’s 2011-12 slate, making it one of France’s most talent-heavy indie production houses. Tresor-produced “Polisse,” directed by Maiwenn, plays in Cannes competition today.

Mihaileanu’s as-yet-untitled film is an L.A.-set dramedy featuring the helmer’s hallmark droll humor. It will star two high-profile U.S. actors, said Tresor producer Alain Attal.

Mihaileanu, whose “La Source des femmes” plays in Cannes’ competition, is writing with Alain-Michel Blanc. Shooting in summer 2012, the new film is by far the biggest Mihaileanu has ever handled, Attal added.

Canet has written the screenplay for what’s described as an “expensive” movie set in the U.S and France, in English and French, with thesps from both countries, Attal said.

“Canet wants to be a little more universal,” Attal said. “Many actors in the U.S. know and respect his work after the U.S. success of ‘Tell No One.’ ”

Also in play: a contempo, low-budget English-language project from an undisclosed American scribe, to shoot Stateside.

Both projects will be financed in France, guaranteeing Canet final cut.

After 2004’s “Narco,” Lellouche is re-teaming with Attal to direct “Jour J” (D Day) about a group of depressed robbers pulling off a bank heist.

“D Day” will cast in September. Given Lellouche’s close friendship with Canet, Duris and Jean Dujardin, it is likely to be as star-studded as “Little White Lies.”

Written with Natalie Carter, Garcia’s next pic, the €12 million ($17 million) “Mal de pierre,” charts a woman’s 35-year search for love. The adaptation of Milena Agus’ bestselling “The House in Via Manno” shoots late in 2012.

The $20 million “Populaire” casts Duris as a small-time French insurance exec enamored of a young typist who competes at New York’s world typing championship. First-timer Regis Roinsard directs.

Attal describes it as “Mad Man” meets “Rocky” in France.

Romain Levy’s debut, “Radio Stars,” a buddy road movie, also shoots this year.