Poland’s first Transatlantyk fest, focusing on film scoring, education and developing socially relevant pics, wrapped Saturday having lured 36,000 auds to the historic city of Poznan.

“I want to be surrounded by the most incredible minds,” founder Jan Kaczmarek told closing night auds, who gathered to hear performances of the Hollywood composer’s work by the Rozbitek Symphony Orchestra and the Balanescu Quartet.

Kaczmarek lauded the exchanges of ideas and inspiration during fest’s 10-day run, which saw 2,160 visitors at master classes and workshops.

Producers Michael Phillips (“Taxi Driver,” “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”) and Richard Gladstein (“Reservoir Dogs,” “Finding Neverland”) fielded questions on their seminal work while composers including William Goldstein, George Clinton and Chris Young schooled local musicians on structure and strategies for developing film scores.

Fest awards focus on music composition, with the top prize of $20,000 going to Holland’s Matthijs Kieboom for his score in the final scenes of Depression-era drama “Get Low.”

The strong start and praises of spectators and industryites make it virtually assured the fest will run for a second edition.