Ten Korean titles to keep your eye on

Action, horror, comedy and historical pics in play

Ten Korean titles to keep an eye on:

“Battlefield Heroes”
Director: Joon-ik Lee
Producer: Chul-hyun Cho
Stars: Jin-young Jung, Mun-sik Lee
Logline: A sequel to helmer Joon-ik Lee’s 2003 hit “Once Upton A Time In The Battlefield,” the war comedy offers a caricature of a historical war between kingdoms in the Korean peninsula in the seventh century, where the soliders never lose their wit and humor throughout the battle.
Sales: M-Line Distribution

“The Cat”
Director: Seung-wook Byun
Producer: Joon-dong Lee
Stars: Min-young Park, Dong-wook Kim
Logline: Horror film about a twentysomething woman who works at a pet shop and lives with a mysterious cat and gets to be horrified by the death of cats.
Sales: Finecut

“Sector 7”
Director: Kim Ji-hoon
Producer: Youn JK
Stars: Ji-won Ha, Sung-ki Ahn
Logline: 3D sci-fi action thriller from the filmmakers of “Haeundae.” On a deep sea drilling ship, crew members begins a frantic fight against an underwater creature.
Sales: CJ Entertainment

Directors: Sun Kim and Gok Kim
Producer: Doo-young Choi
Stars: Eun-jung Ham, Doni May
Logline: Famous indie helmers’ first commercial genre film. A horror featuring Korea’s top girl group T-ara, in a story of an idol star discovering a mesmerizing song on a videotape that brings to mysterious accidents.
Sales: CJ Entertainment

“The Showdown”
Director: Hoon-jung Park
Producer: Soo-jin Kim
Stars: Hee-soon Park, Goo Jin
Logline: The scriptwriter of “I Saw the Devil” and “The Unjust” makes his directorial debut with the producer of “The Chaser.” Set in 17th-century Manchuria, three Korean soldiers are abandoned in the middle of a war and discover the fatal truths.
Sales: Sidus FNH

“Detective K: Secret of Virtuous Widow”
Director: Sok-yun Kim
Producer: Kwang-soo Kim Cho
Stars: Myung-min Kim, Ji-min Han
Logline: Director of hit TV show “Old Miss Diary” returns with comedy set in the 18th-century Chosun dynasty, where a great detective is off to solve the secret behind an embezzlement scandal by high officials.
Sales: Showbox

“The Informers”
Director: In-je Park
Producer: Young-suk Oh
Stars: Jung-min Hwang, Goo Jin
Logline: Hwang comes back in this crime thriller as a passionate journalist who does anything to get a scoop. He investigates a mysterious explosion and is threatened by someone who wants to hide the accident.
Sales: Showbox

“The Front Line”
Director: Hun Jang
Producer: Hyun-chul Kim
Stars: Ha-kyun Shin, Soo Go, Ok-vin Kim
Logline: A war drama by the “Secret Reunion” helmer, which depicts a fierce battle on the frontline between South and North Korean armies over their new border after ceasefire is declared in 1951.
Sales: Showbox

Director: Eun Cho
Producer: Ji-yeon Kim
Stars: Ye-jin Park, Denny Ahn
Logline: A chase thriller of a tough female journalist who faces up to unexpected accidents while investigating human organ trafficking.
Sales: Mirovision

Director: Jaihong Juhn
Producer: Yoon-chan Jeon
Stars: Kye-sang Yoon, Gyuri Kim
Logline: Scripted and executive produced by helmer Kim Ki-duk, the action melodrama tells the story of a man who delivers letters for families between South and North Korea. After being discovered by government agents, he is taken on dangerous jobs.
Sales: Finecut

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