EXCLUSIVE: Created two years ago by three young femme producers, Paris-based Silex Films has been drawing emerging French directors and projects with commercial potential.

The indie outfit is developing “Dirty Pink,” a coming-of-age pic by first-time directors Elise Benroubi and Remi Bertrand.

Pic stars a raft of up-and-coming French thesps, notably Judith Chemla (“Full Treatment”), as well as Geraldine Chaplin and Anthony Sonigo.

The pic is a friendship comedy between two twentysomething misfits who part ways after one of them falls for a young man who comes from a different world, and tries to lead a more conventional life.

It’s a comedy full of fantasy and whimsical humor that has an auteur touch, said Silex’s Priscilla Bertin. “Paris plays a important role in ‘Dirty Pink,’ which gives the film a lot of charm,” she added.

Silex is in talks over the pic with various French distributors.

Silex was launched by Bertin, who created the business affairs and production arm of La Fabrique 2; Judith Nora, who bowed the production department of French sales shingle Ad Vitam and Elisa Larriere, former collaborator Mathieu Kassovitz at MNP Entreprise.

The shingle is also onboard to co-produce buddy comedy “I Am Dead but I Have Friends.”

The pic is co-produced by Belgium’s La Parti Prod. and Canada’s Coop Video Montreal.

Pic turns on a group of Belgian rockers in the ’40s who decide to make a trip to L.A. after being shaken by the death of their band leader and end up in Canada.

“It’s a comedy in the vein of ‘The Big Lebowski,'” said Bertin.

Lensing will kick off in spring 2012.

Another pic on Silex’ slate, “Claro que si,” is helmed by TV comedy writers Jean-Michel Ben Soussan, Frank Bellocq and Mectoob. Lensing will kick off in summer 2012 in France and Spain. Silex is in discussions with a Spanish co-producer.

The comedy tells the tale of a young man who decides to ship to Spain after finding out from his dying mother that he might be the son of the King of Spain.

Nora describes the film as a French R-rated comedy targeting the young adult crowd. “The directors’ main reference come from Judd Apatow.”

Bellocq and Ben Soussan are writing and directing skeins for Canal Plus and M6, among other TV nets. Shooting will start in France and Spain (Madrid and Andalucia) in early 2012.