It was billed as a wild evening of drinking and carousing — and it wound up on the police blotter.

The Finnish House Party on Friday in Berlin invited more than 300 guests to drink til 2 a.m. “or until everybody has turned into a Finn.”

Hundreds turned up at the “secret location,” an art gallery in an old industrial building, where trailers and clips from Finnish films included Nazi-spoof “Iron Sky” and “Lapland Odyssey.”

There was one problem when the last revelers finally left: Someone took an “expensive piece of art of three wooden shot guns,” party organizers said.

The artwork, which was mounted on a wall above the pizza oven at the entrance to the party, belongs to the MMX gallery.

Party organizer Favex, the Finnish Film and Audiovisual Export body, is appealing for any information that could lead to the recovery of the artwork.