Venice– Prolific producer Donald Ranvaud (“The Constant Gardener”) has

teamed up with Italy’s Enrica de Biasi and Pier Navoni to launch new shingle Buena Onda Intl. on the Lido.

Their slate is spearheaded by sex-themed period laffer “The Anatomist,” directed by Argentina’s Gabriela Tagliavini (“Without Men”).

Pic is based on Federico Andahazi’s bestseller about a 16th-century Italian doctor said to have discovered the function of the clitoris after studying corpses and a very much alive prostitute.

They expect to announce “Anatomist” casting during the fest.

“Without Men,” Tagliavini’s fourth feature, is a sex comedy toplining Eva Longoria and Christian Slater. Pic preemed at the Los Angeles Latino Film Festival in July.

Tagliavini spent years securing rights to adapt “The Anatomist,” which caused a literary scandal in Argentina. Project had at one point been in turnaround at HBO Films.

Ranvaud in July partnered with de Biasi and Navoni, who are

investors in Al Pacino’s “Wilde Salome” (playing out of competition).

The trio are among backers of Argentinian helmer Fernando Solanas’ “Oro negro,” in Venice Days.

Ranvaud, whose London-based Buena Onda is known for shepherding cutting-edge pics by young directors, had been gravitating towards Latin American cinema until recently.

But the plan, in tandem with de Biasi and Navoni, whose Les Enfants Pictures is a prominent Italo advertising production player, is now to operate on a bigger scale.

Buena Onda Intl., with deeper pockets and offices in Rome and Milan, will be able to tap Eurimages, the Council of Europe fund, for co-productions. Blighty is not an Eurimages member.

“We have the economic ability and desire to work with American stars like Pacino, and take Buena Onda to the next level with larger scale projects,” Ranvaud said.

They also intend to start shepherding Italian pics.

Buena Onda Intl. is producing “Dix,” the helming debut of Italo comicbook artist Carlo Ambrosini, about a Dutch detective investigating art world crimes. Ranvaud pacted on the project with Italo comic book publisher Sergio Bonelli Editore.