Despite his ShowEast honor, Kurt Hall isn’t taking all the credit for his company’s charitable efforts — not by a long shot.

“It’s not really about me,” Hall says. “It’s about the people in our company. I’m only a very small part of that.”

Hall took the helm at NCM in 2005 when the company transitioned from Regal CineMedia Corp.

Since then, he has supported (and contributed to) NCM’s broad swath of philanthropic activities, which includes a charity half-day program that allows employees, who make a minimum monthly contribution to receive a half-day off with pay.

“It not only allows our employees to do charitable things, but it allows them to dictate where the money goes,” Hall says of the program.

The charities he is most passionate about mainly focus on the effects of smoking, such as the American Lung Assn. (His mother died of lung cancer three years ago.)

What’s more, Hall says the ShowEast award is a great tribute to industry vet Hassanein, who has headed several charitable orgs and currently serves as chairman of Variety Boys and Girls Club of Queens.

“I have known Salah since the beginning of my career in 1988,” Hall says. “He’s been one of the icons of the industry for many, many years.”

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