Sure, Ryan Reynolds holds mystical superpowers in “The Green Lantern,” but what’s really super is the massive behind-the-scenes team at work here.

“On a movie that’s coming out on a size and scale like this, you realize how insignificant the actor is. I’m an important cog in a very large machine,” Reynolds said from Cape Town, South Africa, where he’s filming the thriller “Safe House” with Denzel Washington.

“I was on a greenscreen stage with a hundred other crew members,” Reynolds said of playing Hal Jordan and his alter ego, the Green Lantern, “and it’s those people whose efforts created what will later be known as the film.”

Reynolds also tops a body-switching comedy “The Change-Up,” due in August.

He’s one very grateful star. “If you asked me 15 years ago if I could be living the life I am living I would say, ‘Go fuck yourself with a rusty bicycle pump.’ Look, I’m in the 99 percentile in terms of I’m a working actor and that’s always been the goal. It’s not something I’m totally in charge of. I’m just thrilled I get to work in a way that it’s a privilege.”

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