Despite boosts in feature shooting from Charlie Sheen’s “A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III,” overall offlot production decreased 15% last week from the same period last year by 117 days.

The pic, which ended shooting Tuesday, led the pack of features filming in the L.A. area with nine permitted days.

Production on “Mind,” which stars Sheen, Bill Murray, Jason Schwartzman and Mary Elizabeth Winstead, included shoots in a Los Angeles graveyard and plenty of explosions around the L.A. area. Sheen even released pics of the shoot on his WhoSay blog, which included jabs at the actor’s previous gig.

“(T)his is at least two and a half times more fun than my last gig!” the thesp wrote under a photo of a burning car.

Feature production reached 77 permitted days last week, according to permitting agency FilmL.A., vs. 94 for the same week last year.

Overall television production also lagged behind last year with 426 days vs. 521. A “Steve Madden” shoot, which fell under FilmL.A.’s new TV webisode/mobisode/podcast category, reached 42 days.

Shoots in the commercial category numbered nearly the same amount as last year with 164 days compared to 2010’s 169 days.

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Overall offlot production in L.A. was off 15% with 667 permitted days last week, according to figures from permitting agency FilmL.A.